The WiseHeart Foundation was formed in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the state of Tennessee. It was birthed out of a desire of two financial planning advisors to create a way for those Christian individuals whom they counseled to have a clearly defined way to invest their financial gifts in ways to expand the Kingdom. WiseHeart is dedicated to doing just that.

WiseHeart is a charitable foundation serving both Christian philanthropists by creating personal giving options and God-honoring ministries with strategy, resources and capital to impact the Kingdom. 

WiseHeart began with the hope of connecting those who feel the call to actively use their charitable giving in a very specific manner with vehicles a non-profit foundation can offer. Although community foundations are capable of offering the same menu of tools to accomplish giving goals, WiseHeart specifically seeks groups doing God-honoring work.

WiseHeart helps you make wise charitable donations that reflect your love of God and your neighbors. WiseHeart is the missing link between Christian organizations and their donors. We work on both sides to ensure your giving reflects your individual passions and strategically assist the charities you choose to maximize the effectiveness of your contributions.