Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations can I recommend for grants?

The grantee must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. If you have a question about a particular organization, please contact our Executive Director at

Can I recommend a grant to an individual?

Generally, no. According to IRS regulations, the WiseHeart Foundation can make distributions only to qualifying non-profit organizations. We conduct due diligence on all organizations for documentation of nonprofit status. Scholarship grants are possible; however, the grant recipient will be responsible for any tax liability.

Can I recommend grants to organizations outside of the Memphis metropolitan region?

Of course. Donors may recommend grants to any qualified 501(c)(3) public charity or operating foundation in the country.

Can I recommend a multi-year grant from my Fund?

Yes, at the time of your recommendation, please indicate that you wish the gift to be made in increments and specify the timeframe. We will administer the distribution and payment schedule. Please remember you may not pay a pre-existing legally binding pledge from your fund.

Who can recommend grants from my Fund?

Anyone on record as an advisor for your fund can recommend grants from your fund. WiseHeart will consider written requests to add additional advisors to your fund.

What happens to my Fund after my lifetime?

We encourage you to name a successor advisor(s) to succeed you in making grant recommendations for your fund.

Can I recommend grants anonymously?

Yes, you can request that the following be anonymous: fund name, donor name(s) or both fund name and donor name. In addition, you may request that the fund name not appear in the WiseHeart Foundation’s Annual Report.

Can I change the name of my Fund?

Yes, a written request to change the name of the fund is required.

I want to make grants to a specific type of organization, but I am not familiar with any. Can WiseHeart help me identify some programs?

Yes, the WiseHeart team is highly knowledgeable about a wide variety of programs and will be glad to work with you to identify grant recipients.

May I serve on the board of an organization and recommend a grant from my Fund to this organization?

Yes, as long as you receive no personal benefit from the grant.