WiseHeart Welcomes Ministry Partner: Families Matter

Families Matter exists to increase the number of healthy, loving, caring and forgiving families through a community–wide movement.

Families Matter was founded in 2004 through a three-year grant from the Urban Child Institute of Memphis based on a marriage enrichment program developed by a pastor at Second Presbyterian Church at that time. It is Families Matter’s experience that the breakdown of the family is the root cause of the many negative social issues we witness today. In order to increase the number of healthy families, they are compelled to address the need to educate, encourage, empower and support men in their knowledge of building and sustaining a biblically-based Christian relationship with their wife/significant other and their children.

Families Matter is a resource center that provides tools to build up every member of the family. Their educational offerings include everything from workshops for boys and men instructing them on how to become men of integrity to the indispensable purpose of being a father. Classes are also offered to couples and to single parents. In schools Families Matter supports students in understanding the necessity of making wise relationship choices, thereby assisting them in creating future success for their lives.

Families Matter is also collaboratively positioned to connect individuals and couples to counseling services around the area when one-on-one attention is needed.

For more information, please visit www.familiesmattermemphis.org.