Why do we give??

Why Do You Give?

Every year I look forward to a relaxing fishing trip with one of my dearest friends, Dr. J. Clif Christopher, founder and president of Horizons Stewardship Company. During our time together, Clif and I enjoy discussing our two passions: fishing and fundraising. Clif made a point in his Money and Ministry Newsletter, which I consider worth sharing. He writes in part:

"I occasionally get questions from persons about fishing. Last week, I was in a church and a lady came up to me and said she had decided to take up fishing and had a question. I was delighted to try and help. "Why do you do it?" I was confused. She elaborated, "I thought I would learn to fish, but why do you do it? What is it all about? If you catch a fish, so what?" She really had no idea why anyone would want to fish. She just thought it seemed like a good idea.

I tried to explain to her that if she did not think she wanted to eat fish or that fishing would not give her a sense of peace and relaxation or bring some satisfaction in finding such a creature and convincing him to bite what you offer, then perhaps she should not take up fishing.

Every year, I get dozens of calls from pastors or finance leaders in the church asking me what I think they should do to increase giving in their church. My first question is "Why do you want more money?" The reply is often, "Because we do not have enough." They may explain that they are behind their budget projection by several thousand, or they have a debt that is draining them. The problem is that the object of these persons is to just get some more money. They really are not sure what the ultimate mission is.”

Many ministries struggle to fundraise with their true mission in mind. Time and effort is spent focused on the need for funds to survive, while the reason to exist in the first place is lost. If a ministry cannot articulate why they exist and the focus of their mission, it is extremely difficult to use financial support wisely.

As ministries and donors, we are called to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. WiseHeart vets ministries that our donors desire to support, ensuring that financial contributions align with their stated mission and overall vision. We work with both our ministry partners and our donors to create a plan for charitable giving that will focus on the ultimate mission and make an impact now and for generations to come.