May We Remain Faithful!!

Recently, I have become more and more convicted that much of my life has been caught up with doing the “work” of the faith, than being totally committed to actually “living” the faith. What is the true and defining purpose for all that I do? Is it merely for the success of an organization, or is it fully about doing kingdom work? Is my message and witness consistent with the mission of the gospel and am I actively striving to put that forth?

Oswald J. Smith once said, “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” That is a sobering thought and a call to action for all who call on the name of Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. Everything we do must reflect our overwhelming belief that Christ is working in and through us by what we say and what we do. There should be no question by anyone when our paths cross that we are fully committed to sharing the good news of the Gospel. I pray that every task I do, every word I speak, every group I lead or with whom I associate will never allow confusion about my loyalty to Christ. Please pray with me that WiseHeart Foundation is always in the very center of God’s will and remains committed to being a servant leader with our Stewards and the ministries we support.