Friends & Family Community Connection

Friends and Family Community Connection (FFCC) began as a free community sports program in 1996. It then grew into an adult literacy program for over 21 different languages spoken in North County San Diego. The literacy program led to an after-school homework club, computer literacy classes and a WIC clinic offering immunizations for the mothers and children.

FFCC is about building relationships and the programs are a means to that end. Over the years, FFCC's local outreach has evolved to include fresh produce food distribution throughout North County caring for the homeless and low-income adult seniors.
The ministry moved outside San Diego County in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. Over three years, many San Diego volunteers traveled to Biloxi, MS enabling families devastated by the hurricane to move back into newly refurbished homes. More recently FFCC has provided support to families impacted by Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy and the tornado that struck Moore, OK in May of 2013. FFCC is ready and willing to help with needed resources and volunteer support when disaster strikes.

In 2007, FFCC took its first trip overseas. The international work began with distributing “Fight Against Hunger” meals. FFCC has distributed over 13 million meals to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Jamaica, Japan, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras and more. FFCC also works to provide help with water filtration, solar power, education/technology, medical training and care.

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