Bringing Hope. Touching Lives.

My Town Miracles was founded by Noel Fenderson of My Town Movers in the fall of 2015. Noel’s desire was to establish a way for My Town to be able to give back to the communities that the company serves. Through partnerships of established non-profit agencies, like Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM), My Town Miracles desires to “be the miracle” in the lives of specific individuals and families who really need one. The non-profit will be funded by regular donations from My Town Movers, fund raising events, such as the Chick-fil-A Bluff City Field Day, private donations and eventually grants.

My Town Miracles granted its first miracle to the Alexander family, a family with a special-needs child living in Hernando, MS. The father was killed in a tragic car accident in May. In an effort to immediately provide much-needed stability, the board voted to pay the car note and house for six months and also provide legal and financial counseling at no charge to the widow with two small children.

The second miracle was granted to Rodney Walker, a young man from the Orange Mound area in Memphis, TN, who has been part of the MAM organization. The board is currently in the process of deciding exactly how to assist Rodney, yielding the greatest impact. The miracle will include college tuition and other related expenses, helping with transportation and providing mentorship opportunities from board members.

Mission & Vision:

My Town Miracles is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to make an impact in the communities served. They do this by being a miracle to individuals who really need one. My Town Miracles maintains a core focus on four main areas: Life, Liberty, Learning and Last Days.

Life: Partners with individuals who choose life

Liberty: Helps individuals who are facing addiction issues and have a real desire to change the course of their life

Learning: Supports men, women and children who need assistance in the area of education and life growth

Last Days: Serves those who are going through issues at the end of their life

Through love and generosity, My Town Miracles brings lasting change and hope needed in individuals and families and shows compassion to others as God has shown to us.

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