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Funding needed for Neighborhood Christian Centers Summer College and Arts Program. Details below:

The mission of the Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. (NCC) is to build stronger families and neighborhoods by providing compassionate, Christ-centered ministries to those in need. Over 75 percent of the students targeted to enter the College-VoTech program are not only first generation high school graduates, but typically are the first to work toward maintaining a job long term or attempt to pursue a Vocational Career. There are over 18,000 jobs opening up over the next five to ten years in Memphis and NCC wants to do their part to prepare those youth that are influenced to pursue these opportunities, helping them to improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

NCC’s free of cost Summer College and Arts Program is designed for underprivileged Memphis youth and aims to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. NCC is strategically partnering with Mid-South Community College to allow at-risk youth the chance to attend classes and earn certificates in machining, video production, hospitality and management, and nursing. Last summer, NCC was able to send 29 students to Mid-South Community College and seventy-nine percent of those students completed the courses with a C or above! Educational attainment is a key factor in upward mobility, and this program gives underprivileged students the opportunity to gain college credit before graduating from high school. The cost of each student to participate in the program is $1,000, which includes transportation, books, tuition, food, field trips and staffing.

NCC has received a one million dollar challenge grant, which means that each donation given is doubled throughout this quarter. One way to double your gift is to consider supporting NCC’s Summer Program, which will serve over five hundred youth this summer, including the College and Arts program.

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