Third Millennium Ministries

Third Millennium Ministries prepares Christians leaders around the world with Biblical education, in five major languages, for free.

Third Mill is a non-profit Evangelical Christian ministry equipping church leaders in their native country by creating multimedia seminary curriculum through print, DVDs, online streaming, radio and TV broadcast. They create strategic relationships with many different churches, denominations, agencies, missionaries, seminaries, Bible schools and other groups. These relationships have already resulted in the distribution of many millions of video lessons delivered to indigenous church leaders and students in training for ministry.

The goal of Third Mill is to provide Christian education to millions of pastors around the world who lack sufficient training for ministry. This goal is accomplished by publishing and globally distributing a free multilingual, multimedia, digital seminary curriculum in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Spanish. The curriculum is produced in 12 other languages by partner ministries. The curriculum meets the requirements of an accredited M.A. in Biblical Studies; it is designed to be used in support of existing schools, as well as by groups and individuals. All lessons are approved by at least two faculty members holding doctorates in their fields. Instructors are seminary professors, writers and editors are theologically trained educators and translators are theologically astute native speakers of their target languages.

“God has blessed Third Millennium Ministries over the last 17 years in ways that astonish us all. It is such a privilege to see leaders of the church around the world encouraged as God raises up prayer and financial partners who enable us to provide them with teaching about the Bible and sound theology.” Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr., President

Third Millennium’s highest priority is to equip church leaders so that they will spread the Gospel of Christ to every corner of the earth.