The Hands & Feet of Jesus


“We stand together as the available hands and feet of Jesus Christ, to help heal the sick and broken-hearted, through the love, passion, and power of the one who saved us and has called us out of the darkness into His marvelous light.” -1 Peter 2:9

The Good Samaritan Outreach Church desires to serve underprivileged children in the Memphis area through family outreach, professional development and most importantly, spiritual growth. The ministry exists to equip and empower Memphis youth and their families by offering GED classes, college readiness courses, job training and support groups.

The mission of Good Samaritan is to address all of someone’s needs—mind, body and soul, which even includes the essentials such as food and clothing. Their mission is carried out through several programs: evangelistic outreach, discipleship, leadership development, summer activities, educational enhancements, specialized programming such as teen parenting and gang activity, cultural awareness, racial reconciliation and non-violence conflict resolution.

The Good Samaritan strives to educate young men and women to become productive citizens who further God’s Kingdom. To learn more visit their website.

“God is a being working to bring the disconnected aspects of reality into a harmonious whole.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 


By Carmen Gibson - 27 May 2015

What a tremendous privilege it has been to be even a small part of the ministry of Rev. Norman Redwing and Good Samaritan Church and Outreach Ministries! As I witness his heart for those who are hurting, losing hope and seemingly forgotten by many, I am reminded of Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25 of the benevolent King who rewarded the servant who reached out consistently to “the least of these.” What a blessing to know a minister of the Gospel who sees the very reflection of our Lord in the faces of those he has been called to serve! May God continue to bless the life and ministry of Rev. Redwing and Good Samaritan!

By Minister Beverly Davis - 28 May 2015

I thank God daily for the ministry of Pastor Redwing along with Good Samaritan Outreach Ministries. They have and continue to be a blessing to me, my family and Ministry, PrayerWorks Global Ministry. The love, compassion and care which Pastor Redwing shows for God’s people is truly a reflection of our Lord Jesus. Pastor Redwing and Good Samaritan Outreach Ministries have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus in communities, churches, homes and neighborhoods by the outreach efforts which they continually do. My prayer is that God will bless Pastor Redwing and this ministry one hundred fold.

Posted on May 27, 2015 // Author: Gray Blocker