Colossians 3:23-24

Colossians 3:23-24

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Because it has been raining so much lately in my area, I felt it would be an excellent time for me to tackle a lighting project in our kitchen ceiling. You see my wife decided that after 25 years of having a non-airtight can light in the ceiling that we would be much more energy efficient if I replaced our old units with new airtight units. Now for those of you who are not electricians and are already lost, both fixtures are rated for the same bulb, they have the same trim, and operate the same way. To the average person, they are the same, but the newer units stop the loss of heated or cooled air through your ceiling lights. Now aren’t you glad you have started reading this??

Armed with as many tools as I could possibly carry, just on the possibility that I may not have enough instruments to extract the old unit and install the new one, I began my journey into the attic. I crossed insulation, rafters, HVAC ducts, and water pipes to find myself above the kitchen with my target in sight beneath me. Now I need to share with you that I have fallen through my ceiling from the attic before, so this task is being supervised from the kitchen below by the one who will not be happy if I misstep and destroy her ceiling. So, I carefully moved closer, positioned myself precariously across two rafters, exposed the fixture from the insulation and started to process of removal of the old unit. Simple enough right?

But no. For you see, the original installer, rather than taking the time to use screws to mount the light allowing for easy removal, had taken a short cut and used wiring staples, big horseshoe shaped nails, to mount the unit. And since the ceiling was not there when he did so, the removal would be next to impossible. What should have taken fifteen minutes per fixture was taking nearly two hours per fixture, with ninety percent of the work being removing the old unit which was installed for efficiency and ease, without regard to what would happen in the future should the light need to be removed. What should have been a simple, easy process, had become a daunting task because of the shortcuts applied years earlier.

I began to think about one of the issues I have experienced when not doing my best with which many of us can identify. All too often we find ourselves cutting corners, saving a dollar or a moment in time, doing our best to maximize our return while minimizing the work. Yet all too often when we do, we fail to realize the potential negative impact this will have on our work, our programs, and our future hopes and dreams, just because we didn’t do all we should in the present. It just makes ministry harder for those who follow and sends the wrong message to the world. To change a world is hard work for us and certainly a God thing. It is not easy. But neither was giving up a Son for our sins.

My father, a man who worked hard all his life to provide and give an example to his children, would say to me, “Son, always work hard and do your best as if working for the Lord, because you are!!” I regret that in my past I didn’t always follow his advice and there are those who came later who had to work harder because I did not do my best. To them, and to my Lord, I ask forgiveness. I challenge you, as you work and share out of your abundance, that you fight the temptation to cut corners and do only that which is necessary. Do it right!! For our Lord and Savior deserves nothing less.