A Ministry to the Brokenhearted

Dealing with the death of a loved one is extremely difficult. But when it is a homicide—grief is combined with violence.

Victims to Victory was founded in 1995 to help victims of crime in the Memphis community move from crisis to comfort through Christ. This crucial ministry serves homicide co-victims and victims of domestic violence, aggravated assault, robbery and child survivor/victims. Victims to Victory walks through every step with the affected family—from individual counseling to criminal justice support and court accompaniment.

The non-profit offers a “Restorative Justice” program, which is a victim-centered response to crime providing opportunities for all affected to participate in repairing the harm caused by crime. This approach includes victim impact classes and a Victim Offender Dialogue Program carried out in partnership with the TN Department of Corrections.

Dr. Katherine Lawson, Executive Director of Victims to Victory said, “I believe that the Church should be at the forefront of ministry to the brokenhearted.  We, like the Good Samaritan in Luke 10: 24-37, must show mercy by offering help and hope to people who are physically, emotionally and spiritually broken by crime.”

The foremost way that Victims to Victory aides its families is by incorporating Christ in all of the programs and services offered. The organization strives to strengthen faith, restore hope and restore the capacity to love.

To learn more: http://www.victimstovictory.org/

Testimonials: https://youtu.be/BDQNRMal9XM